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Ash Blond - Seamless 220G

Product Description
Transform your look with Haircara Clip-in Extension series, for luscious, voluminous, quality hair. 

Made from the highest grade of human hair, Haircara Extensions are soft, silky and natural with reduced tangling and shedding as compared to synthetic artificial hair extensions. They can be dyed, curled and styled just like your own natural hair.

Made with small clips, it is effortless to put on and does not damage your own hair. 

 With a multi-tone colouring system, they blend easily together with your natural hair even if the shade has a slight difference.
Using our Revolutionary Seamless wefts, the extensions to lie flat on your scalp blending naturally with your own hair.


220G set is suitable for thick hair. It provides thick luscious volume for everyday wear, events, and hairstyles. It is also suitable for short hair transformations.
220G set includes:
2 x 4 Clip Weft
2 x 3 Clip Weft
2 x 2 Clip Weft
4 x 1 Clip Weft
(Each weft has more weight as compared to 160G Set)
All sets are 20 inches in length

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