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How to tie a Knot Braid in 2 minutes


Hair Braids can be fun and easy. Over in this tutorial, we create a quick 2 minute knot braid for everyday use. We used the 160g Clip-in Extensions (Chocolate) in this tutorial. 

1. Take two small sections of hair from each side

Knot Braid Step 1

2. And secure it with an elastic

3. Take a small section from the left to create the first knot

4. Wrap around the small ponytail and pull it through

5. Take another small section from the right

Knot Braid Step 5

6. Wrap it around the knot and pull it through

Knot Braid Step 6

7. Tighten the knot braid and secure with an elastic

Knot Braid Step 7

8. And we are done!

Knot Braid Step 8

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